Have a Question?

We know it’s hard finding reliable copywriters online. So, we’re making it easy. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions we get. 

1. You let us know what you need, who it’s for, the word count and any other information. (we can work with or without a long formalised brief). 

2. We give you a project or retainer quote and send you an agreement (it’s the legal bit with the terms) and then get to work straight away. 

It’s that simple. 


We pride ourselves on our white-label and ghostwriting services which means we don’t have a lot to show to the general public due to NDA agreements. You can view the portfolio here: https://silhouettecreatives.com/portfolio/ 

Or we can have a meeting about previous client work (that we have approval to share). Simply drop us a message and we’d be happy to show you some. 

No, we are not a content mill (and our prices reflect this). We aren’t interested in spinning and churning out repetitive content so we refuse to use AI tools like ChatGPT to generate our finished content. 

That said, AI tools have their place in efficiency so we often use AI tools for management, part of the planning process to organise notes, research, and idea collation. 

we have experience across a broad range of industries as we’ve been operating since 2017. 

That said, we are currently focused more on technology, travel and tourism, government, and lifestyle. 

Our capacity fluctuates depending on our current projects and retainers. But we often have the space to grow and adapt for our client’s needs. Particularly if you have a lengthy project in mind. 

We don’t list our prices as a traditional pricing sheet, because it depends on the amount of work needed and the services required. However, if you’re looking for a rough guideline, our prices start at $0.12 (£0.09) per word. 

Note: We operate a ‘per post’ price for social media content and offer bulk discounts. 

Yes. It’s part of what makes us so unique. We’re highly adaptable, specifically for marketing agencies. 

Internally we use Clickup for project management, but we have experience with a variety of client tools so there’s no need to onboard. From Trello and Airtable to Sheets and good old Google docs, we jump in quickly. 

Depending on availability, we can turnaround blog posts and other content in 4-6 hours. Although prices will reflect this. 

Yes, we can upload the content and format them, including optimising for SEO. However we charge an additional fee for this. 

We only deal with original content written by our writers. Each piece is checked twice before it is submitted, and one of those is by our Director. You can always check for yourself using a tool called CopyScape where you can check content against other articles on the web. 

We can help with case studies, reports and other business content, but we will not write essays or help those still studying to complete content in an academic capacity. You will be asked to prove you’re not a student. 

We don’t condone plagiarism and will not help you write your essays for you. Study harder.