Meet the Founder

Oh hi.

My name is Charlotte and I’m the Founder/Director at Silhouette Creatives.

What stemmed from a love of creative writing and helping businesses communicate to their customers blossomed into a fully-fledged company I’m incredibly proud of.

I spent the majority of my career writing for marketing and content agencies, so I have a great idea of what it takes to really deliver for your clients. As well as the challenges that can hinder success. 

I started Silhouette Creatives to help agencies find: Good quality content, reliable writers, and quick-responding content creators. 

Because someone told me once that you can’t find all three. 

You won’t find our name on most of our clients’ sites, because we love the work and enjoy shaping communication, while leaving the credit to you.  behind most of them anywhere!T hat’s where the name Silhouette Creatives comes from. We work in the shadows to back you up!

And 10 years later I still love what I do.

So, if you need a hand with your agency, let’s get it sorted…

Don’t take my word for it.

Hear from our clients: