Our Narrative

We believe that the right content, whether that’s your latest eBook, report, novel, blog post or marketing publication defines you. It can make a reader say YES to your brand, or switch off and join a competitor so it is important to get it right. Right now you are deciding if we are good enough, calculating if we are the right fit for your brand and this experience, is exactly what your clients, customers or readers go through before engaging with you.  

So, what’s our end game? 

Our goal is to find YOUR narrative,

 it’s not about us, it’s about what you’re

trying to say and how we can help you relay this. 

We love writing, pure and simple and our aim is to 

use content, whether words or imagery to persuade your

demographic to say yes. Our philosophy and culture is all

about the piece, not the credit behind it, which means we are both affordable, accurate and can meet deadlines with our expertise in adaptable ghostwriting. It’s the content trifecta. 

We could use this opportunity to sell our services, but we don’t need to. Simply put, we are the best around when it comes to quality Vs price. You won’t find a content writing agency that can match this, because we love what we do, and we are excellent at it. #notsohumblebrag

Why Silhouette? 

Because we love working behind the scenes, shaping your content needs and leaving the credit to you. So, when you’re ready to work with us, feel free to contact us or check out the packages we have to offer below: 

Meet The Founder

Well Hi. 

My name is Charlotte and I’m the founder at Silhouette Creatives. You may be expecting a cutesy bio but I have to be honest, I started this company because people suck. No really, it’s not a quirky gimmick,  I hate them. But what I am most passionate about are the stories and narratives within our day to day lives. Literary geniuses that weave words and transport you have inspired me to try and do the same and I am good at what I do because I HAVE to immerse myself in stories whether fiction or non-fiction. I obsess. I NEED to delve into every category or niche I explore and can’t help myself but fixate on learning. 

The secret to good writing is the storytelling and narrative that you choose and this is my passion, finding an angle that defines your piece or brand and speaking to an audience. I have never found a subject that I couldn’t write about with expertise, professionalism and flair and I am proud to say, I have never encountered an unsatisfied client. I am a content ninja and regardless of what you need, I got you. 

I fell into this career by accident and I stayed because I cannot imagine my life doing anything else, and because I love what I do, my pricing is competitive and I am always willing to negotiate! 

Join me on my next chapter and work with us.