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Blogs are now a huge part of any good marketing and customer-nurturing strategy meaning hiring a blog post writing service is becoming a necessity for many businesses. The explosion of popularity in blogging for business has ushered in a wave of content writing services – most of which claim to offer the key to unlocking the full potential of blogs.

I’ve used these services before, and it was those experiences, as well as my own writing experience that prompted me to start my own London content writing services business. There are a lot of people out there who think they can create blog posts that engage with an audience, but often they can’t.

Particularly in a corporate arena, blog post writing can be difficult; this is because you have to maintain professionalism and relate to your target audience on a personal level simultaneously.

You need SEO and keywords whilst being readable and not impacting the quality. You have to drive sales without the hard sell.

Blog posts aren’t just for personal journals anymore – they’re a marketing powerhouse.

Based on my experiences, I’ve put together eight things to look for in a blog post writing service before you buy.

These include:

1. Experience in Your Industry

Good writers have a knack for adaptability. Even if we’ve never written about a subject before, our innate research skills allow us to quickly gather the knowledge we need to deliver content that’s rich with pertinent information.

Still, it’s helpful to work with a writer that already knows your industry. They’ll be familiar with the right terminology, current issues, and future trends, and deliver work that’s relevant and interesting to the target audience.

2. Tone of Voice Adaptability

Most writers have a default narrative voice, but the real gems are able to adapt according to the preferences and expectations of the client.

You’ve most likely already established a voice for your company’s communications. A decent blog post writing service will be able to emulate that voice and produce new content that fits it perfectly.

Before you hire blog post writers, request a brief sample – even a couple of paragraphs will do – to assess whether you’ve found someone who can deliver the right narrative.

3. Payment by the Word or Piece

We would always advise to agree payment according to a defined word count or delivery of a milestone. This allows both parties to go into the agreement with clear expectations, and avoids an unwelcome surprise when the invoice arrives.

Some writers offer an hourly rate and that’s their prerogative, but from my experience, I wouldn’t hire a writer on an hourly basis. The time to complete a blog post varies between writers, and this can become costly if you’re paying for time rather than a clearly defined parameter.

For example, a new writer will take considerably longer to complete a blog post than one with more experience. If they are invoicing per hour, you’re essentially paying a penalty for the writer’s inexperience.

Established writers will know their own timings and costs and be able to offer you a fixed price per word or complete post. They can factor in extra research time if necessary into the project cost, and this helps you to plan ahead. Safe in the knowledge that you won’t be hit with an unexpectedly large bill!

Note that copywriting follows a different process, and it’s not unusual to be offered an hourly rate – although payment parameters are generally negotiable.

4. A writer Who Includes a Round of Edits

Nobody’s perfect! Even the most accomplished writer can sometimes deliver a first draft that doesn’t entirely click with the message you want to convey.

That’s why it’s important to choose a blog post writing service that includes a round of edits within the price of each piece. This gives you assurance that your brand’s blog is completely in line with your vision, and that any adjustments you want will be taken into account.

A good writer won’t be offended by your suggestions; they’ll be entirely focused on delivering work that meets (or exceeds!) your expectations. So don’t be shy!

5. Solid SEO Experience

Search engine optimisation is everything when it comes to online content, including blog posts. Everything you put out should be designed to bring an audience in.

It’s therefore important to hire blog post writers with SEO experience. They’ll be able to use proven techniques that encourage website traffic and an enhanced position in the search engine rankings. A higher placement feeds back into an increased flow of traffic, which helps you to amplify the reach of your message, tap into new markets, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

It’s a relatively straightforward premise but requires professional expertise to get right!

6. Original Ideas

You don’t want your content to be a rehash of everything that’s already out there. Look for a blog post writing service that offers original ideas and unique narratives.

This helps you to stand out from the crowd. It’s particularly important if you’re in a saturated market where originality is a major point of distinction.

As part of the research phase, a good writer will find out what has already been covered in the chosen subject and tease out a fresh perspective or new take on an idea. This makes the content on your blog original, attractive, and more successful than a clone of what’s been done before.

7. Proven success

While we’re on the subject of success, it’s a good idea to discuss this concept with any prospective blog post writing service.

Be specific. Ask about metrics for success. This might involve views, shares, comments, retention, conversions, associated purchases, or any combination of parameters. A good writer will be able to tell you how they know if a post has met a certain goal, and steps they take to improve or refine their approach.

Client testimonials are also useful. If these are forthcoming, it’s a great sign. Not to toot our own horn, but our London content writing services website is full of positive feedback from happy clients!

8. Good rapport

This may sound unscientific, but there’s a lot to be said for intuition when it comes to entrusting your blog content in the hands of a professional writer.

You’ll be able to gauge the kind of ongoing relationship you’ll have with a blog post writing service from the first interaction. If the tone is professional, courteous, and collaborative, you’re on to a winner.

Conversely, if a writer is dismissive, unresponsive, or seemingly disinterested, the situation probably won’t improve with time.

In short, trust your intuition!
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