One of the first questions I am asked by prospective clients and other industry professionals is; how much does website content writing cost?

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Hint: It’s less than a Ferrari! (Thank goodness)

The short answer. It varies.

But for UK content writers outside of specialised industries (e.g. law and medical) you can expect to pay* somewhere between £0.08 and £0.20 per word. This equates to £40 – £100 per 500 word blog post.

So, why is it hard to define a definitive figure?

Because it’s never just writing something on a page, the content writer job role is more complex than that! (check out more about it here.)

Here’s some of the factors affecting website content writing cost, as well as how we work out our own pricing!

Factors That Affect Website Content Writing Cost:

There are a range of variables that affect the cost of website content writing, including:

  1. The actual purchased services
  2. Level of technicality
  3. Experience & skill level of the writer
  4. Languages
  5. Industry
  6. The quality of the result

The Actual Purchased Services

Some content writers include revisions and edits, others don’t. Some offer keyword research and SEO optimisation, others expect this to be provided. Others will upload and format onto a platform of your choice, while some content writers prefer their job to end at the writing only.

Obviously, the more inclusive the service, the higher the price you can expect to pay.

Level of Technicality

Professional writers put a lot of work into researching each piece of content they write, but some projects require more in-depth information than others. Highly-technical pieces in the law or medical industries, for example, will therefore be more expensive.

But, technicality can also mean the writing style.

If you’re business has a particular tone or style to replicate as well as unusual or unique processes, you need to account for the extra time it will take the writer to create your desired piece, and the cost reflected in this!

Experience & Skill Level of the Writer

It should go without saying that the more experience or skill a content writer has, the more expensive they are likely to be. This is the same for employees and freelancers alike because of the time and effort spent honing their craft.

But this doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

The extra insights you gain because of this skill and experience will save you time, effort and energy long-term getting the valuable content you need.


Many talented content writers can write across multiple languages to audiences across the globe.

Not just a Google translate switch over, but actual colloquialisms and organic writing. Obviously, with this level of talent you’re hiring one writer to appeal to a much wider audience and therefore it’s a valuable skill to have on your team.    

But, it’s not just other languages but other language styles too!

For example, UK and US English have distinct and subtle differences that can be spotted by locals so you must be particularly careful to write properly in your audience’s language or you can alienate them.

Our client base, for example, is pretty split evenly between the US and UK, so it’s something we have a lot of experience in!


It also comes down to the niche and specification of content required. For example, in the legal sector where you’re giving out forms of advice, fact checking has several stages and reliable sources must be proven in a similar way to academic writing.

Similarly, in the medical sector, the way you present types of writing to the audience, for example, with severe medical conditions, you need to have a level of sensitivity as well as fact! This can be a difficult balance to find, as well as ensuring medical terminology is correct. Therefore warranting an increase of price.

The Quality of the Result

There’s an old adage that says you get what you pay for. It’s completely true for written content! Think of your website content writing cost as an investment, on which you’ll secure a tangible return. Whether that’s increased traffic to your website, new leads, or a boost in sales, well-written content will help to get you there.

There’s more to content writing that goes on behind the scenes, so you really do get what you pay for.  

How Do We Decide on Our Website Content Writing Costs?

The pricing structure of our London content writing services depends on the type of project and any specific criteria you choose. As a rule of thumb, we currently charge* between £0.08 and £0.10 per word. For a 500-word piece, that’s £40 to £50 because we like to remain competitive!

We are proud to deliver excellent quality every time, at a price point that’s fair and accessible to a wide range of brands. Contact us today to find out how our content writing services can help you achieve your business goals.

*Note: This is based on our own experience both hiring for, and selling London-based content writing services for businesses. Our pricing is correct at the time of writing, but may be subject to change in the future.