Avoid hiring inexperienced writers

employee vs freelance content writers

Employee vs Freelance Content Writers: The Differences

Businesses are struggling between employee vs freelance content writers —should they be outsourcing their content needs or hiring employees who will create content strictly in-house?  With the combination of new technologies, the gig economy and every business needing content nowadays, writers are in high demand.  While people writing content are abundant, quality writers are in […] Read more…

Hiring a Good Content Writer: A Guide for Business Owners

How to Hire a Good Content Writer: A Guide for Business Owners

Having an online presence is crucial for any business– large or small, local or international. Your customers are already online, performing research, comparing brands, and ultimately, making purchases. In fact, over 80% of people looking to buy something will head to the internet to do their research first. This principle doesn’t only apply to online […] Read more…

writing scams signs feature image - man in mask looking down at laptop, black and white effect.

8 Warning Signs Your ‘Writer’ Is Scamming You

Note: Before we start, I want to clarify. I don’t think that new or fledgling writers trying to gain experience are scammers, everyone has to start somewhere. However, this post is looking at the type of ‘writers’ who lie about their credentials and experience, or just copy/paste from somewhere else on the internet looking for […] Read more…