What We Do

We help you connect with your audience, be an authority in your industry and make more sales using your written content!

– Let’s save you time and energy by making content easy! 

Content Writing Services Overview

B2B/B2C Blog Posts
Guides & Opt-Ins
Course Content
Copy Editing
Business Documentation

Business Blog Posts

Consistent, high quality content is key for SEO and content marketing. Blog posts that provide value to your audience will help nurture and convert them. 

We specialise in optimised posts in both B2B and B2C channels that show your industry authority and match your tone of voice. 

Guides & Opt-ins

Want to offer real value to your audience or grow your marketing list? 

Offering free guides and opt-ins draw them in wanting more. We intertwine your services and products with the opt-in, showing your audience that they need you, and making them convert to sign up!

Marketing Content

Let us help with your marketing content by writing the content that specifically matches the campaign goal.

From press releases and product descriptions to journalistic style posts you can submit to other sites, we can adapt to meet your marketing needs. 

Course Content

Have you decided to turn your expertise into a course but are overwhelmed by the size of content needed? 

We can help you outline, organise and write your course for you in various platforms ready for submission. We can also create graphics and images too. 


eBooks are an excellent tool to pack a punch! Whether you’re selling your story or answering your ideal customer’s pain point, we offer high value long books at a recommended length of 10,000 words or higher. All at a competitive price. 


From blog posts to novels, we can be discreet, adapting to your voice and style to finish a piece or publishing content with no credit. 

Business Documentation

From complaint reports and letters to research findings and formal communication. We can add that professional formatting and language to get your documents taken seriously.

Plus we have experience creating case studies from your findings to present to other businesses when looking for partnerships or funding.  

Copy Editing

Let us check your current content, modernise it so that it’s ACTUALLY saying what you want it to. Plus we can give it a spruce and check for any errors too. 


We use storytelling in our copywriting to help drive sales for your business. From web pages to marketing materials, we can help with catchy copy that’s actually going to CONVERT. 

*Packages can be customized to suit you with a free consultation. Bulk orders, referrals or first time purchases are eligible for reduced rates.

Flash Packages

5 X 300w Newsletter Content

Looking for engaging newsletter content? If your list needs some fresh content, I can inject new life into your weekly or monthly newsletter. It’s important to find time to engage with your readers and build these personal connections which will help convert them later!

5 x 500w Ghostwritten Articles

Exclusive, high quality and speedily! Simply email us with the titles, keywords or even rough idea that you want to make a reality and we can make it happen. Perfect for those with a blog or magazine who need content quickly and need to put their name to it!

Monthly Custom Content Bundle

The trifecta: affordable, high-quality content that is on time every month. Highly adaptable to suit your website, niche or blog so you can keep the content coming and serve your audience best!