What We Do

SEO Content Writing

Make your website more visible on search engines and grab the attention of your audience. We can write content using your own research and criteria or perform our own based on your niche, brand or demographic.

Copy Editing

Website in need of a spruce? We can look at how to modernise your message for a fresh feel of your brand. Plus, we can check any errors in your current content too!

Feature Writing

Turning research or opinions into a narrative and creating an opinion or feature piece works well for cornerstone content on your magazine, blog website.

Editing & Proofreading

Ensure that your content is up to the same high standards time and time again. We can edit, proofread and check your pieces of writing and format them effectively for both SEO purposes and aesthetics.

Marketing & Communication Content

A variety of web content from marketing copy to blog posts and articles. There is nothing in this broad ranging topic that we can't handle.


From blog posts to novels, we can be discreet, adapting to your voice and style to finish a piece or publishing content with no credit.

Creative Writing

Have an idea that you want explored into a creative piece, novel or book? Creative writing delves into the depths or storytelling, inspired by your original ideas. We can create flash pieces or long fiction stories based on your requirements.

Business Writing

From complaint reports and letters to research findings and formal communication. We can add that professional formatting and language to get your documents taken seriously.

*Packages can be customized to suit you with a free consultation. Bulk orders, referrals or first time purchases are eligible for reduced rates. 

Flash Packages

Quick Content

Have the titles, but no time? Provide us with the titles or a brief scope and we’ll find the narrative and write your piece. Quick, easy and perfect if you’re on a deadline. 

Creativity PAckage

Need content but not sure what would suit your audience? Using your website and any other provided notes, we’ll research areas that would complement your services or existing content. After submitting recommendations, we will write the agreed upon pieces.

Secret Service

 No, it’s not as sinister as it sounds and sometimes who wrote it is not as important as what is said. When you need content without a name, the secret ghostwriting service can help.

*Note: I will not write your academic papers for you.