Find a way to repurpose content and you could save hours (without compromising effectiveness!)

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As a busy entrepreneur, it can be difficult to put out regular content that consistently dazzles your audience. I completely understand; it’s literally what I do for a living!

For the majority of business owners, this problem doesn’t arise due to incapability; it’s because there simply isn’t enough time to dedicate to content creation.

Running a business is stressful, and there are lots of conflicting things to do simultaneously. The good news is that there are clever ways to ensure your audience has regular social media, blog, and website updates, all without making huge demands on your time. And, the ability to repurpose content is one of them. 

Start By Creating ‘Multi-Purpose’ Content

Make it easier on yourself by getting into a new mindset straight away. The easiest way to repurpose content is by creating multi-purpose content. For example, if you think of a blog post concept, consider whether you could also turn that idea into a video.

Or if you’ve put together a series of interesting infographics for Instagram, you can transform them into a slide deck or eBook. Creating a free resource for your website offers an opportunity to make conversions. With just one idea, you can usher an influx of new leads!

Essentially, you should always be thinking about how one piece of content can be repurposed in several different formats to generate the optimal benefit for your brand. BEFORE you’ve made them.

One Idea + Multiple Formats = Maximum Impact

Taking this approach allows you to reap the rewards of your work more than once. It’s an especially good idea if you’re just starting out. Instead of diving down the rabbit hole and overcommitting to a large quantity of blog posts or social media updates, it helps you to spread ideas across several formats.

For example, once you’ve written an amazing blog post, you can take snippets or quotes from it, then create images for social media that link back to your post. You’ll be promoting your newest blog and creating very shareable content simultaneously!

Whilst you’re time constrained, unless it’s key to your content strategy, only create pieces that can be easily repurposed.

Don’t Overextend Yourself; Work Intelligently Instead!

Instead of having to come up with new ideas every day, three good concepts will see you through the entire week. Repurposing a few great ideas to suit different formats means you can continue to deliver decent content across your online platforms without having to spend hours thinking about topics. It’s a clever and efficient way to market your brand, helping you to drive traffic, nurture client relationships, and smash your business objectives!

Plus, it’s the easiest way to avoid that social media burnout and remain consistent in the long-term. Something that plagues new business owners who start with content marketing.

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