Organic blog post research can be a black hole of time for small business owners. But it doesn’t have to be.

organic blog post research article

It’s hard knowing what your audience actually wants to see, read, and share.

There are lots of ways to do this, like: 

  • Finding trends in analytic data
  • Performing keyword research
  • Offering surveys
  • Customer feedback incentives

But, when you strip away the methodological complexity, it’s really just about consistently delivering what your visitors actually want to know.

So, here are some of the organic blog post research approaches you can take to give your audience what they really want.

Finding Your Tribe & Solving Their Problems

If you’ve just started a brand and you want to know what will engage your readers, the best place to start is by finding relevant groups and pages on social media this might include LinkedIn, Facebook, and forums; whatever your niche, there will be a conversation about it happening somewhere.

Then, solve their problems!

Within their groups, your potential visitors will discuss problems they’re having. You’ll be able to gauge how widespread these problems actually are by the amount of engagement and responses they receive. Once you spot such a problem, and you know a way to solve it, this can provide a brilliant idea for a content series.

Hashtag Inspiration

keep an eye on hashtags used across social media. When people need help, they’ll use relevant hashtags. This is a great way to find out where a knowledge gap exists; your job is to solve it! Help your audience address an issue constructively, provide a solution, and establish trust in your brand.

You can also repurpose the idea, i.e. use the topic to write a blog post, make a video, create an infographic, and take snippets for social media posts.

Taking a Lead From Your Industry

Another tactic is to look at job listings within your industry. Wherever you go to look for clients, you can also see what they’re asking for. For example, if they want someone to write product descriptions or blog posts, you can write an article about how to save their own time by hiring someone so they don’t have to do it themselves.

It’s about providing timely, pertinent information in a coherent and easily digestible format.

Listen To Your Customers

There’s a lot of inspiration to be taken from feedback you receive. Your clients will tell you how they feel about your products or services. Glowing praise is an ego boost that’s great for business, of course, but there’s also value to be found in constructive criticism.

For example, if customers have expressed that they’re not really sure how to use a product, this provides a springboard to create content about how it should be used. You can introduce the product, film a how-to video, design a ‘tips-and-tricks’ infographic, and so on.

From just one comment, a series can be built. Most importantly, you’ve solved a problem and recovered the reputation of a product you sell.


Building and nurturing your own audience, using a multiplatform approach, is a great way to generate content ideas. They will tell you exactly what they want to see, and you can always ask them directly. This helps build trust and mutual respect, which is crucial to a successful long-term relationship with your audience.

See, organic blog post research is easier than you think!

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