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What Does a Content Writer Do?

The content writing job role, in its simplest terms usually means a professional writer who is hired for written pieces as part of an ongoing marketing or sales strategy. Businesses will use content writers (or hire their own) when they need ongoing content like: Blog posts Marketing materials eBooks/Brochures Email newsletters Press releases Social media […] Read more…

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Repurpose Content To Save Time AND Be Effective

Find a way to repurpose content and you could save hours (without compromising effectiveness!) As a busy entrepreneur, it can be difficult to put out regular content that consistently dazzles your audience. I completely understand; it’s literally what I do for a living! For the majority of business owners, this problem doesn’t arise due to […] Read more…

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Business Blog Post Essentials – The Foundation of Conversion

You need three business blog post essentials to form the foundation of business content that converts. Whether you’re operating B2B or B2C, a blog is an essential part of any brand’s web presence. It helps pull in traffic, drive sales, and nurture the ongoing relationship between brands and clients. But, it’s not all about writing […] Read more…

Making Your About Me Page Copy Strategically Convert

Your About Me page copy is a strategically important part of your website. Businesses often make the mistake of feeling an About me (or us) page is too personal and ‘blog-like’. But, that’s one of the exact reasons you should!  But, make it work for you. People tend to assume that an About Me page is […] Read more…

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4 Strategies To Make Your Content Different, Even In Competitive markets

Making content different from your competitors is essential to standing out and reaching your target audience. But it’s not easy! Particularly if you’re in a competitive industry or niche. It can often feel like what you’re doing is ‘the same’ as everyone else! And honestly, it can be! So, I thought I would share some […] Read more…

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