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What to Look For in a Blog Post Writing Service

Blogs are now a huge part of any good marketing and customer-nurturing strategy meaning hiring a blog post writing service is becoming a necessity for many businesses. The explosion of popularity in blogging for business has ushered in a wave of content writing services – most of which claim to offer the key to unlocking […] Read more…

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8 Warning Signs Your ‘Writer’ Is Scamming You

Note: Before we start, I want to clarify. I don’t think that new or fledgling writers trying to gain experience are scammers, everyone has to start somewhere. However, this post is looking at the type of ‘writers’ who lie about their credentials and experience, or just copy/paste from somewhere else on the internet looking for […] Read more…

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What Does a Content Writer Do?

The content writing job role, in its simplest terms usually means a professional writer who is hired for written pieces as part of an ongoing marketing or sales strategy. Businesses will use content writers (or hire their own) when they need ongoing content like: Blog posts Marketing materials eBooks/Brochures Email newsletters Press releases Social media […] Read more…

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How to Write an eBook with a Ghostwriter

Many businesses use eBooks as a residual form of income, but how do you write an eBook when you’re already swamped with your business? Ghostwriting eBooks is something we frequently do for our clients, but it often leaves a lot of questions. While most of us know what a ghostwriter is, there might be some […] Read more…

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Business Blog Post Essentials – The Foundation of Conversion

You need three business blog post essentials to form the foundation of business content that converts. Whether you’re operating B2B or B2C, a blog is an essential part of any brand’s web presence. It helps pull in traffic, drive sales, and nurture the ongoing relationship between brands and clients. But, it’s not all about writing […] Read more…

Copy Editing vs Proofreading: Which Costs More and Why?

Copy editing vs proofreading. These are both terms that are often used interchangeably, but they come with very different price tags. People often get confused but if you ask me for each of these services they can mean two very different things. First, Copy Editing Copy editing involves looking at the piece as a whole, […] Read more…

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