You need three business blog post essentials to form the foundation of business content that converts. Whether you’re operating B2B or B2C, a blog is an essential part of any brand’s web presence. It helps pull in traffic, drive sales, and nurture the ongoing relationship between brands and clients.

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But, it’s not all about writing for the sake of it…

Business Blog Post Essentials – #1 A Who

When writing a blog post, it’s important to have a target audience in mind. Knowing precisely who you’re speaking to helps you narrow your content, keep it relevant, and optimise it to convert.

Going too broad in a blog post is like taking a stab in the dark. Whether you’re trying to draw in visitors, educate your audience, or sell a product or service, you need to know who you’re aiming your content at before you write it.

Build a picture of your target audience by finding out their interests, pain points, motivations, inspirations, and demographic details. Craft those characteristics into a persona and write your content directly aimed at them.

Business Blog Post Essentials – #2 A What

The second point to remember is that each post must have a clear point.

Directionless fluff pieces are not valuable to visitors, nor do they help you reach any of your business objectives. Even if the topic is lighthearted or related to an ephemeral trend, each post needs to put something worthwhile across to the reader. Well-written, purposeful content encourages visitors to stick around and make a conversion.

This principle applies to every blog post. Even one vague entry can erode the trust of your audience, tainting the blog in its entirety. It sounds dramatic, but visitors are savvy; they won’t stick around to read poor content.

The same is true of clickbait. Catchy titles are wonderful for reader engagement, but deliberately misleading an audience is bad news for your reputation. So keep your content focused and relevant, and you’ll build an audience that trusts and respects you!

Business Blog Post Essentials – #3 A What Now?

What would you like your visitor to do after they’ve finished reading a post? Whether their next action is opening another one of your articles, sharing your blog on social media, contacting you, or leaving their details to receive a newsletter or free resource, make that step easy for them.

A call to action should therefore be present, bold, and clear at the end of each blog post. Use a call to action to hold the reader’s attention, keep them on your site, and help to develop the relationship between them and your brand.  

These 2 business blog post essentials should form the foundation of any blog post you write. No matter what your niche, for business or personal, without them, your post (and goals) is going nowhere.

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