Your About Me page copy is a strategically important part of your website. Businesses often make the mistake of feeling an About me (or us) page is too personal and ‘blog-like’. But, that’s one of the exact reasons you should! 

But, make it work for you.

People tend to assume that an About Me page is simply a story that people read and swiftly forget, but it’s actually a key part of your content strategy. Don’t forget: to make conversions, you must make connections – there’s no better place to do that than on the About Me page copy.

As a prominent page, here are some of the rules to follow to get it converting like a sales page:

1. Don’t Lie In Your About Me Page Copy

The first rule is, never lie to your audience. It might be tempting to embellish the truth for a compelling story, but it’s asking for trouble. If someone visits your site, reads the About Me section, and decides to become a loyal follower, regular client, or repeat customer, their trust will be completely shattered if they find out that you’ve lied.  

By all means, use a brand persona if it’s a good fit for your business, but never present information that is untruthful, and always be careful about what you to choose to endorse.

2. Include Call-To-Actions

Just because it tells a story, doesn’t mean it can’t convert! Create a flow in your About Me page copy that tells your reader/potential customer exactly what to do now they’ve learnt about you.

If your About Me page is about creating a connection, capitalise on it next! A compelling story is great, but if there’s no option for visitors to make a conversion at the end, it’s a wasted opportunity.

It’s absolutely fine to include links within the main body of the text, but don’t forget to create a clear call to action at the very end. Once a visitor has read your About Me section, they’ll be eager to learn more. Make it easy for them! Link to another relevant part of your website, a complimentary resource, or a form to sign up for a free trial or newsletter.

Personally, I have a link to my Services page. It’s a natural flow from my story to the work that I do and a logical step for the visitor. For your business, it should also be a link that makes the most sense and helps nurture the burgeoning relationship between your brand and its audience.

3. Be Concise

I’ll let you in on a secret: your About Me page shouldn’t contain your life story.

It’s tempting to write about your experience and inspirations but no-one wants to wade through all of it. Realistically, potential customers are looking to find out why they should trust you, why you’re different, and why they should choose your brand over others.

Don’t be afraid to include relevant background information, but keep it concise. Focus on facts that are relatable for visitors in the here and now and the parts of your story that translate to your offerings today. Your About Me page should be no more than one page of A4 in length – around 500 words or less. Only in exceptional circumstances should you go beyond that.

So, it’s time to make a few changes to your About Me page copy, be strategic and start seeing those conversions. Edit your pages and leave me a comment below and I’ll critique and offer help with your About Me page copy!

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